ADE vitamins for horse

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A complementary feed that is rich in vitamin- and amino acids, that helps cure disorders caused by vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition.
Vimix Plus is suitable for boosting training during and after it.

In addition to vitamins A, D and E, which are important for the immune system, Vimix Plus contains B vitamins and amino acids that are important for muscles and tendons.
Suitable for daily use for all horses and different activity levels.

Vimix Plus:

  • Enhances recovery from various diseases
  • Speeds up recovery from training and competitions
  • Enhances the growth of foals, young horses and ponies
  • Maintains the immune system
  • Improves energy balance
  • Maintains appetite

Vimix Plus Icons

Vitaminsper kg

  • Vitamin A4 000 000IU
  • Vitamin D3400 000IU
  • Vitamin E4 000IU
  • Vitamin K31 250mg
  • Vitamin B11 250mg
  • Vitamin B23 600mg
  • Vitamin B53 000mg
  • Vitamin B61 250mg
  • Vitamin PP3 500mg
  • Vitamin C12 000mg
  • Choline chloride10 000mg

Amino acids

  • DL-Methionine55 000mg
  • Lysine30 000mg

Direction for Use

For all horses10 g / day

For foals, ponies and weaned horses5 g / day

Nana’s coat has generally been in poor condition all winter, similar to pictures 1 and 2. you can see from the pictures that in the past the coat was well worn at the calf and from the neck at the reins. I fed Nana with Hoof’s Biotion HAD and Vimix Plus during winter of 2020. The condition of the coat has never looked so good, similar to pictures 3 and 4. The general appearance of the horse has been good, and the coat looks shiny, not fluffy or worn at all. Looks like a summer coat.
Elisa and Nana, Winter 2020 Elisa and Nana jumping. Winter 2020. Photographer: Tuulia N.
Elisa and Nana, Winter 2020. Photographer: Tuulia N
Elisa and Nana outside, Winter 2021. Elisa and Nana jumping, Winter 2021.
Elisa and Nana, Winter 2021

Show jumper Elisa Pitkänen, Finland

We have supplemented the evening porridge with Vimix Plus when a little refreshment is needed. We’ve given it to give a boost to our tired horses. We’ve liked it alot! It smells delicious and has tasted well for the horses. We’ve given it to four mares and one rune.

Mika Haapakangas, Sweden

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