Vitamin E & selenium for horses


Suitable for all horse classes, Vime E + SE consists of important antioxidants that help the horse’s musculature function, health and recovery.
The product prevents vitamin E and selenium deficiencies, which can manifest as weak muscle condition and loss of appetite.

In the Nordic countries in particular, the selenium content of the soil is lower than in the rest of the world. This exposes to selenium deficiency and the problems it causes.
Vitamin E is the most important of all vitamins, as the horse is not able to store it very well.
Vitamin E acts as a natural antioxidant in the body, maintaining the horse’s resistance to stressful conditions.

The need for vitamin E is higher than average in foals, breeding mares and sport horses. Adding vitamin E to a horse’s diet is highly recommended, especially during the indoor feeding season.

Vime E + SE:

  • Protects and maintains the integrity of cell membranes
  • Speeds up recovery from training and competition
  • Reduces muscle stiffness
  • Improves the horse’s immune system

Vime E + SE Icons

Vitaminsper kg

  • Vitamin E5 000IU

Trace Minerals

  • Selenium46mg

Direction for Use

Adults (400–500 kg)10–20g / day

Young, growing foals5–10g / day

We have given Hoof’s Vitamin E to one of our horses when he gets muscle cramps. He sometimes takes small steps with his front legs, because of his weak biceps. It has clearly improved now.

Coach Mika Haapakangas, Sweden

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