Electrolytes and energy for racehorses

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A paste of electrolytes and energy for sport horses

Hoof Equi E-Booster is particularly recommended for competing horses before high-performance, or between intense and stressful events. Supports recovery after performance, transport, illness, and mares after foaling, or stallions during the breeding season.

30g Equi E-Booster is an energy source, and contains electrolytes key B-complex, vitamin E, essential amino acids and trace elements, particularly in periods of physical exertion and/or hot climates. Equi E-Booster contains iron, which supports the formation of red blood cells and is an important part of the enzymes needed for cellular metabolism. Iron deficiency can lead to poor endurance.

    • Provides the horse with an extra energy boost and important nutrients for top performance
    • Compensates electrolyte losses and maintains electrolyte balance in cases of heavy sweating
    • Helps to support physical health, muscular activity, and supports red blood cell production
    • Recommended for rapid recover from hard events, stress conditions or illness

Vitaminsper kg

  • Vitamin E3 000IU 100 000IU
  • Vitamin B1237mg 7 900mg
  • Vitamin B2237 mg 7 900mg
  • Niacinamide405mg 13 500mg
  • Calcium-D-pantothenate147 mg 7 900mg
  • Vitamin B648mg 1600mg
  • Vitamin B12 1.5mg 50mg
  • Choline chloride 195mg 6500mg

Amino acids

  • DL-methionine 2 250mg 75 000mg
  • Lysine225mg 7500mg

Trace minerals

  • Iron 72mg 2 400mg
  • Zinc30mg 1000mg
  • Manganese 90mg 3 000mg
  • Calcium 270mg 9 000mg
  • Magnesium 120mg 4 000mg
  • Selenium0,6mg 20mg


  • Potassium chloride 750mg 25 000mg
  • Sodium chloride 1 560mg 52 000mg

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