Vimeperos contains all the vitamins a horse needs as well as antioxidants to maintain and improve performance. Very high levels of additives to improve the performance and recovery from heavy exertion, illness or injury. The product supplements the daily vitamin needs of all horses.

In addition to essential vitamins A, D and E, Vimeperos contains vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant, as well as B vitamins that are important for the musculature and are especially important for sport horses.
Vitamin A is important for heavily stressed horses, pregnant mares and especially foals, as it supports the growth of bones and muscles.

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Vimeperos promotes:

  • Recovery from heavy exertion
  • The general health and performance of the horse
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Meets the horse’s nutritional needs, for example during stress
  • The health and conditions of the hooves, coat and skin

Vimeperos Icons


  • Vitamin A100 000 000IU
  • Vitamin D3400 000IU
  • Vitamin E20 000mg
  • Vitamin C300 000mg
  • Vitamin B112 000mg
  • Vitamin B232 000mg
  • Vitamin B520 000mg
  • Vitamin B612 000mg
  • Vitamin B1210mg
  • Vitamin PP20 000mg
  • Folic acid1 000mg

Direction for Use

Daily dosage in the feed or drinking water:

Racehorses300 - 400 mg

Leisure horses150 - 200 mg