Vime C-Electrolyte


Vime C-Electrolyte contains vitamin C and electrolytes that maintain the horse’s fluid balance and replaces the electrolytes lost through sweating.

High stress and high temperatures can cause abundant sweating, causing the horse to lose electrolytes.
Poor fluid balance impairs muscle function and performance, so with an adequate intake of electrolytes, it is possible to maintain the horse's performance even at high temperatures.

Also suitable for use before stress conditions such as long transports, training, or high temperatures. The product is suitable for sport- and hobby horses for daily use.

Vime C-Electrolyte:

  • Maintains fluid balance
  • High volume of vitamin C
  • Speeds up muscle recovery from training and competition
  • Improves the horse’s performance
  • Enhances appetite and water consumption
  • Helps reduce muscle stiffness

Vime C Electrolyte Icons


  • Vitamin C250 000mg

Direction for Use

In case of stress

Dose by bodyweight1g / 100kg

Mixed in drinking water1g / 10 litres

In case of dehydration and to maintain electrolyte balance

Dose by bodyweight1g / 50kg

Mixed in drinking water1g / 5 litres