Iron- and zinc-rich complementary feed specifically for sport horses to improve physical condition when performance declines. Equi-Haemolyn is particularly suitable for training and competition seasons, when recovering from injury, during the stallion breeding program, and for mares during the last trimester of pregnancy.

In addition to B vitamins that are useful for the musculature, the product contains trace elements necessary for energy and red blood cell production. Package size is 1 liter, which lasts for over 4 months when fed 20ml three times a week.
Haemolyn, that is already familiar to the sports horse owners, has been refined together with equestrian athletes and equine doctors to be even more effective. Equi-Haemolyn is especially beneficial before and after stress, underperforming horses and around intense exercise as there’s increased need for nutrients.

  • Speeds up recovery from competition and training
  • Helps recover from illnesses
  • Supports the horse’s growth
  • Enhances the absorption of nutrients
  • Improves vitamin deficiency
  • Improves oxygen uptake and energy balance
  • Improves the horse’s performance
  • Reduces physical stress
  • Supports the well-being of the horse during pregnancy

Equi-Haemolyn Icons


  • Vitamin B11 200mg
  • Vitamin B2800mg
  • Niacinamide800mg
  • Calcium-D-Pantothenate800mg
  • Vitamin B6800mg
  • Vitamin B1212mg
  • Folic acid400mg
  • Vitamin K3200mg

Trace Minerals

  • Zinc4 200mg
  • Iron4 000mg
  • Cupric chloride200mg
  • Cupric tetrahydrate12mg
  • Cobalt chloride20mg
  • Selenium chloride25mg

Direction for Use

During strenuous exercise for 3 weeks:

Horses (500 kg)10–15ml / day or 20ml 2–3 times a week

Light horses, ponies and foals5–10ml / day or 15ml 2–3 times a week