Equi Force



Equi-Force is a complete complementary feed that is suitable for daily use for both sport- and hobby horses. It supports the horse's well-being with selenium, necessary amino acids, and high levels of vitamins C and E.
The antioxidants, vitamin E and selenium contained in the product protects the muscles and tissues from damage and enhance their recovery after exercise.
The amino acids DL-methionine and lysine support the health of the joints and connective tissues and maintains mobility as well.

  • Contains essential nutrients to support the normal function of tendons, joints and musculoskeletal system
  • Speeds up recovery from competitions and training
  • Supplements selenium deficiency
  • Vitamin E and amino acids support muscle growth
  • According to users, reduces musculoskeletal problems, such as muscle stiffness
  • Helps prevent physical stress

Equi Force Icons

Direction for use

Administered via feed or drinking water

Adults (500 kg)20 g / day

Light horses10 g / day

Foals and ponies5 g / day