Biotin HAD


Biotin HAD strengthens the horse's hooves and improves the health of the coat and skin. The effective composition of the product effectively improves the condition of the hooves and coat.
In addition to biotin and zinc, the product contains vitamin A and D, which support the health of the skin and coat.

Biotin for horses:

  • Enhances the growth and health of hooves
  • Strengthens the structure of hooves
  • Improves the shine of the horse's coat
  • Maintains the health of the horse's coat and skin

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  • Vitamin A3 500 000 IU
  • Vitamin D3400 000 IU
  • Biotin200mg

Trace Minerals

  • Zinc12 000mg

Direction for use

To improve the quality of the hooves, three days a week:

Adults25g / day or 1 g / 20–25 kg

Foals and ponies10g / day or 1 g / 5–10 kg

To maintain the condition of the hooves, use continuously:

Adults4-5g / day or 1 g / 80–100 kg

Foals and ponies2.5g / day or 1 g / 20 kg