A Guide to Equine Feeding and Maintenance

Supplementary feeds

The diet must be balanced; different kinds of complimentary feed form an essential part of a horse’s meal

Complimentary feeds are a powder or liquid that is mixed into the daily feed of a horse or livestock to balance out certain deficiencies in the feed. Like humans, animals can use synthetic or naturally occurring supplementary nutrients that can both prevent and fix nutrient deficiencies. Good nourishment comes from high quality raw materials and forage.

Complimentary feed is used to increase the minerals, trace elements, fatty or amino acids or vitamins received by a horse or cattle in order to maintain a nutritional balance. Some complimentary feed contains matter that the body needs for the normal functioning of the joints, muscles and the digestive system. Complimentary feed can also be used when a horse’s need for nutrients increases due sports performance, hard labour, pregnancy or growth. They can be resorted to when a horse’s hooves or coat are in poor condition or when a horse experiences muscle stiffness or bowel issues.

The three main types of nutrients are presented next in order to understand their significance. These three main types are amino acids, minerals and vitamins. All three are essential for the care and wellbeing of a horse.

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