A Guide to Equine Feeding and Maintenance

Grass and oats

A horse’s standard feed in Finland is hay and oats

A horse’s intestine slows down if the feed contains too many concentrates and not enough roughage. At least half of a horse’s daily feed should be roughages, the optimal amount of roughage is between 60 percent and 90 percent of the feed, depending on what the horse is used for. Following this the optimal amount of concentrates is noticeably smaller, between 10 percent and 40 percent of a horse’s daily feed.

Oats is the most common horse roughage in Finland due to it being farmed extensively. A horse burns off the starch in oats faster than with other grains. Oats also contain more fats than other grains. A horse should not be given more than 4-5 kg of oats a day.

The daily amount of hay a horse should receive depends on each horse’s characteristics, its type and what it is used for;

At least 1 kilo for each 100 kg of weight

Optimal amount is usually 1,5 kilos for each 100 kg of weight

Maximum recommended 2 kilos for each 100 kg of weight

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