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Hoof's story

Hoof Ltd has developed a premium equine supplementary product range, that is based on the world class equine nutrition. The products were produced together with a group of top equine athletes, and other leading experts in the field.

Hoof caters for the nutrition of foals, mares, sport, and leisure horses
The founders of Hoof Ltd with the deputy director of Vemedim's RD-center.
Jani Lammi and Esa Kaikumaa (Founders of Hoof Ltd.) with Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung (Vice Director of the RD-Center of Vemedim)

Hoof’s product range is based on the world class equine nutrition used in Saudi Arabia and Qatar among other countries. Due to the deficiencies of certain nutrients in the Northern Hemisphere, the products have been improved to meet the needs of our horses in Europe.

Hoof’s selection balances nutritional deficiencies and increases the necessary nutrients’ intake when preparing or recovering from training, whilst also supporting a speedy recovery after possible sickness or injury.

Sport horses are athletes and need close nutrition monitoring to reach peak performance when it really counts. Hoof offers specific complementary feeds for sport, racing, and breeding of every horse. In Europe, Hoof offers unique probiotic based stomach supplements that support the well-being of the horse’s digestive system, products to achieve stronger hooves and shinier coat, as well as electrolytes that are beneficial after a hard exertion.

Why do users love Hoof?
  • On-farm and laboratory expertise and highly recommended products by the top equine athletes
  • High additive levels ensure significantly longer lasting products, than users are used to
  • Carefully formulated products, and quality ingredients make Hoof’s premium nutrition range, and horses require less supplements to be at their healthiest
  • Flavors so tasty, your horse will gladly eat its daily portion
  • A unique and effective supplement in Europe for stomach and digestive problems, with no withdrawal time

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Why you should choose Hoof
  • Effective equine nutrition to meet your horses’ nutrient needs throughout all life stages, all year round
  • The products only consist of European standard feed additives, which fulfill the EU’s complementary feed regulations
  • Hoof’s manufacturer Vemedim and Finnish laboratory service partner Biosafe have the high level of expertise to ensure the safety of the products for your horses
  • Hoof’s team has over decades of expertise in the field of equine nutrition and horse racing
There is no withdrawal period to worry about in Hoof’s products
Hoof slogan - "Premium Nutrition Makes Superior Horses"

The products only contain additives and other components that are approved in the European Union. Hoof’s feeds comply with all EU regulations, and thus have been proven safe for horses.

Hoof Ltd. is a listed feed business operator and is registered by the Finnish Food Authority. The authority follows the feed requirements in Finland and the European Union. The list of approved operators in the field of animal nutrition in EU:

The products have a unique combination of vitamins, amino acids, probiotics, minerals, and trace elements for horse nutrition complementary purposes. High-quality raw materials, a modern production line, laboratories, and experts ensure that each of Hoof’s products is safe, effective, and carefully balanced. The products are made without using GMOs (genetically modified organisms), dyes, or botanicals.

We here at Hoof ensure a good performance and health for your horses with over 20 years of expertise at every level of equine nutrition and horse racing

The Hoof team has decades of experience in horse ownership, care, livery, and horse racing. Hoof’s team consist of several equine athletes, an equine doctor, horse owners, and instructors from Finland and Sweden. These professionals have seen the efficient results of the supplements, and gladly recommend Hoof for all horse owners for daily use.

Our aim is to make sure your horse is simply looking its best and being its healthiest daily – so you don’t need to worry about it!

and safe complementary feeds for your horses. To ensure that high standards are met for the safety of your animals, we work in close co-operation with Biosafe – Biological Safety Solutions Ltd, which is a Finnish laboratory operator that helps their customers develop safe products. We at Hoof are very proud to work closely with Biosafe and are always looking to give our customers comfort in the knowledge that Hoof’s equine nutrition is 100% safe.

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Hoof’s manufacturer partners are the leading veterinary nutrition companies in Vietnam, with over 20 years of experience of veterinary nutrition

Hoof’s first manufacturer partner is called Vemedim Animal Health. Within the first 30 years, Vemedim has created in total around 600 different nutritional veterinary products, to 36 countries worldwide. For years, Vemedim has formulated horse nutritional products in well-known racehorse countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Libya.

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Horse race in Saudi Arabia, dirt Horse race in Saudi Arabia, grass
Why do we value the widely used horse nutrition in Saudi Arabia?

It’s simple; when it comes to horses – they know what they are doing. The purebred Arabian horses are one of the fastest and oldest horse breeds in the world, and are well known for their unparalleled beauty, strength, and speed. Saudi Arabia ranks among the major countries that has the greatest popularity for horse racing, which is why it is called the kingdom of horses. Saudi Arabia has become a global destination in horse racing because of the Saudi Cup, the most revered international race in the world with the prices going up to 20 000 000 dollars (USD).

Hoof’s products are based on the feeds used in Saudi Arabia, among other countries. These products have been tested in Finland and Sweden together with a group of experts and equine athletes. After testing, the products have been adjusted to meet the needs of European horses. As a result, Hoof’s product range will help your horse be and feel it’s very best daily.



Biosafe checks Hoofs complementary feeds based on the labeling to assure that they only contain additives and components that have been found to be safe and effective by EU standards. The experts ensure that the products follow the specific requirements of the industry, as well as the horse’s nutritional needs for each additive. Through the continuous cooperation between Biosafe and Hoof, we ensure that products that enter the European market promote horse’s wellbeing and health.

Biosafe offers laboratory services and consultation for companies that need a marketing authorization for their products in Europe. International customers are mainly producers of food chain regulated products, such as feed additives and enzymes. Biosafe’s experts have decades of experience in regulated product legislation and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) guidelines. Biosafe has helped hundreds of companies to get their products approved by the European Commission.

Atte von Wright
Microbiologist, Professor

Atte is Professor Emeritus of Food Biotechnology of the University of Eastern Finland, and a microbiologist and geneticist by training. His research activities cover mainly lactic acid bacteria and their applications as well as food hygiene and food toxicology.

He also has a strong background in food and feed legislation (food hygiene, food and feed additives, food contact materials) both at the national and EU level. He has served as a member of the European Commission Scientific Committee for Animal Nutrition as well as two EFSA Scientific Panels (FEEDAP, GMO) and several working groups.

Atte’s history at Biosafe Biological Safety Solutions Ltd dates back to the origin of the enterprise. Currently his major contributions to the company are linked to his expertise in toxicological and microbiological matters and in special regulatory or legislative questions.

What things should a horse owner ensure of when it comes to the horse’s diet?

A balanced diet for a horse consists of the horse’s basic diet and intake of trace elements and proteins. In Finland, the basic diet consists of roughage; pasture grass and hay, supplemented with complementary feed.

Each horse is of course an individual that should be treated with nutrients and supplements according to their individual needs. Each special need is always treated individually. There might be for example problems with digestion, such as colic or swallowing sand with the grain, which should be considered when feeding with different probiotic preparations. The condition of the horse’s fur and hooves always varies according to the season, in which case it is advisable to monitor the supplement need of biotin and zinc.

There are also country-specific recommendations for feeding, just like people have. In the Nordic countries, vitamin D intake during indoor feeding season must be taken care of. The soil is also very selenium-poor in Finland, the other Nordic countries, and Great Britain. Therefore, there is a selenium deficiency in the feed, which is why it is important to take care of selenium supplements here. Selenium is a very important trace element for the reproductive system and muscle condition. There is no risk of overdosing when you follow the appropriate daily dosing that is instructed on the product. If several different preparations are used for the same horse, their composition should be monitored so that the maximum recommended doses of vitamin D or trace elements (selenium and zinc) are not exceeded.

It is different with sport horses, since their need for nutrition is significantly higher than normal. When building muscle on the horse, you need to take care of all necessary building material, proteins, and amino acids. The most critical amino acids are lysine and methionine.

In Finland and elsewhere in Europe, labelling and sales promises of complementary feeds for horses and pets are unfortunately often unlawful. What are your thoughts about that?

EU legislation prohibits the marketing of complementary feed with claims and promises that it can cure or prevent diseases, unless it is a medicated feed. It is also prohibited to mention or claim that it impacts a specific organ. Dietetic feeds on the other hand, have a specific list of permitted claims, some of which are close to medical terms. You should always look for comprehensible text and concrete facts! They relate to effects that is usually visible for the eye.

To quote Martin Luther: ’’The truth does not require many words ‒ a lie needs many words to defend itself.’’

What can you say about Hoof’s complementary feeds?

The products only contain additives and other components that are approved in the EU. Products include vitamin and trace elements for complementary purposes and for specific needs, such as the well-being of the horse’s digestive system. There are specific complementary feeds and electrolytes for physical exercising that works well after a hard exertion.

These complementary feeds also comply with other EU regulations for additives used in complementary feeds, that have been proven safe for the animal and the user. The user should of course always follow the dosing instructions. These are legal and safe products that contain the necessary additives your horse needs.

What are probiotics and what are the health benefits of taking probiotics?

Probiotics are natural microbes such as yeasts or lactic acid bacteria, that promote health and well-being when taken orally.

Probiotics take up space in the gut from harmful bacteria while supporting the development of the animal’s immune system. When the intestinal flora is healthy, the absorption of nutrients is better and the animal’s growth, stamina and feed utilization improves. Note that probiotic effects are strain-specific, meaning that not all strains of the same microbial species have the same useful properties. Probiotic products have been developed for humans as well as for farm animals and pets. Probiotics for animals requires verification of their safety and efficacy from the EU legislation. Probiotics approved in Europe for various purposes have been found to be generally safe for both animals and the environment. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) evaluates probiotic additives before entering the market. In Finland, the supervisory authority is the Food Policy Committee.

Numerous studies and user experiences have shown that using probiotic preparations has many health benefits. How does probiotics support the horse’s well-being?

Probiotics generally improve the efficiency of the feed, allowing the animal to get better nutrition from the feed. In addition, probiotics have a direct effect on various intestinal disorders as well as the digestion. A lot of probiotics are used around the world, especially for growing foals and sport horses.

Stress, dietary changes, illnesses, or antibiotics can cause a disturbance in the intestinal flora. One symptom of that is for example fatigue. The flora is easily disturbed, and it can take a considerable amount of time to repair. Prevention is therefore important for maintaining the microbial balance and well-being of the horse’s gut.

Stress can also disturb the microbial balance and can cause stomach problems, as well as making it harder for nutrients to be absorbed. Probiotic preparations can be used to prevent stomach problems caused by stress, for example in situations like transport, competition, the transition between indoor and outdoor feeding season, or dietary change.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Saccharomyces cerevisiae is our familiar baker’s yeast. According to several studies, some of its strains have a stomach and intestinal improving and healing effect on ruminants and horses, that have been approved in the EU as feed additives. By adding yeast preparations to the horse’s diet, it is possible to maintain a healthy microflora balance. This increases the absorption of nutrients and improves the horse’s natural immune system.

Yeast also lowers the level of acidity in the digestive system, which prevents many diseases in advance. Experience has shown that yeast preparations can also prevent the development of gastric ulcer in horses, although this effect has not been confirmed in the efficacy claims of yeast approved as additives.

Bacillus subtilis and related species

Bacillus strains are bacteria found in the soil. Many species of the Bacillus subtilis group have been shown to improve the intestinal health, feed utilization and other health benefits. They have been approved in the EU as probiotics, growth-promoting additives for example for pigs, calves, and poultry. They are characterized by the production of heat‒ and drought resistant spores, and in the spore form, these bacteria are technologically easy to formulate for use as an additive.

In the United States, Asia and Saudi Arabia, Bacillus subtilis has also been used successfully with probiotics for horses, especially in intestinal and abdominal disorders, such as during an antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics can disturb the intestinal flora, but you can prevent diarrhea caused by antibiotics with a probiotic containing Bacillus bacteria, while also maintaining the normal intestinal flora.

Lactic acid bacteria

Lactic acid bacteria are commonly used in the food industry in the manufacture of various sour milk products, sour vegetables, sour dough, and other similar products. Lactobacillus, Enterococcus and Pediococcus belong to the lactic acid bacterial family. They are also common, natural intestinal bacteria in humans and animals. A variety of probiotics based on lactic acid bacteria have been approved in Europe as feed additives for farm animals. There are many good user experiences with products that contain lactic acid bacteria also for horses.



Hoof´s manufacture partner is called Vemedim Corporation, which is established in 1992, consisting of five subsidiaries, and an own research and development center. Vemedim and Hoof started their partnership in March 2019. Vemedim is the leading veterinary nutrition and medicine brand in Vietnam and has spread to 36 countries worldwide.

The markets cover Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and America. The biggest clients are from Russia, Saudi Arabia, Peru and multiple Asian countries.

Vemedim main factory
Within the first 30 years Vemedim has created in total around 600 different nutritional products and medicines for various animals

High-quality raw materials, good packaging, and a modern production line and laboratories ensure that each product is effective and carefully balanced. For many years, Vemedim has carefully formulated and exported equine nutrition products in well-known race horse countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Libya.

Vemedim R&D center consist of a group of experts with 3 Professors, 5 Ph. Doctors, Pharmacists, Doctors and Engineers with post-Graduate degrees, that are all well-trained in Vietnam and foreign countries. These professionals ensure that every formulation is produced with the highest standards.

Vemedim has the ISO/IEC 17025 standard Quality Control Laboratory called Vilas 139, which is used in 42 different countries.

Jani Lammi (the founder of Hoof Ltd) with Mr Trieu Phan Dang (Export Manager at Vemedim)
Jani Lammi (the founder of Hoof Ltd) with Mr Trieu Phan Dang (Export Manager at Vemedim)
Product packaging at Vemedim
A part of Vemedim production line

Each Vemedim veterinary product must have at least 2 years of research and testing experience before the final product is launched into the market. This phase consists of laboratory tests, practice tests with lab animals, and is finally tested on the designated animals of the product.

The final proof for the products is done in different collaboration institutes, such as various Universities, the Biotechnology Center of Ho Chi Minh City, as well as within a group of farmers outside of Vemedim Corporation, and with top equestrians in Finland and Sweden.

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